Jun 132018

Oh the day in the life of a very large housewife. As I wake up, I expose My incredibly LARGE belly! It takes quite a bit of heaving to get My ass out of bed! I go to the bathroom and start to get ready for My day. Part way through, I decide to go pee. But while on the toilet I feel the urge to ! Instead I get an idea and pull My panties back up. I grip the side of the sink and release a huge load into My underwear. I get another idea and decide to make My husband’s fantasies come true and see how much I can actually fit into My panties! I don’t clean up after I Myself. I just go about My day.

I eat a VERY large breakfast, including bagels, muffins and coffee. I again, into My panties, adding to the load already there. I keep going about My day, cleaning the bathroom and sweeping and eating! I crap 2 more times into My underwear and get yet another idea! I take My phone out and take pictures of My belly, pubic mound and load and send them to My husband who I know is at work. I then go and sit in My bed (feeling the spread across My ass) and wait for him. I hear him enter the doorway, calling My name and come up the stairs. When he opens the bedroom door, I smile at him and say ‘I’m ready to be fucked now…’.

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