HorseyGirls siterip (8 videos)

8 vids, 600 pics | 6.99 GiB

“Gorgeous white girls sucking and fucking horse dildos”
That’s all the site has to say about it, and it’s really all that can be said.

    8 scenes of girls playing with a horse dildo. These things happen in (almost) all of them:

  • -The cameraman holds the dildo while the girls kiss/suck/lick/rub it on their face
  • -The girl sucks it on their own on a bed
  • -She fucks herself lying on her back
  • -She rides it.

A couple get adventurous and suck it between positions or end with sucking it.

All the girls are amateurs as far as I know but they’re fairly into it, quite fit, and nobody’s ugly. Sandra in particular tries to sell it.


HorseyGirls – 2 – Veronica.mp4
HorseyGirls – 1 – Samantha.mp4
HorseyGirls – 7 – Betty.mp4
HorseyGirls – 8 – Christina.mp4
HorseyGirls – 3 – Sandra.mp4
HorseyGirls – 5 – Sally.mp4
HorseyGirls – 4 – Jennifer.mp4
HorseyGirls – 6 – Monica.mp4