Katia: From Teen Runaway To Sex Slave (MyFirstKinkySex, WizardClips)

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83.5 minutes | Katia and Andre Chance

A very young-looking hitchhiker runaway, Katia is a pretty nymphet with wild brown curls, and a playful, bratty nature.

She gets picked up by a guy who offers her a much-needed place to stay – but on condition that she becomes his sex slave!

For starters, he makes her change into sexy panties and a sheer “babydoll” slip. She’s definitely poised between a girl and a young woman…

Next, Katia is collared and led on a crawl by a leash. She also has to lap up wine from a bowl on the floor.

Katia’s training shifts into higher gear with a lot of spanking, paddling, enemas, bondage, and even pasta and beans shoved up her butt (and flushed out with another enema!)

Finally, she’s left inside a box (she’s very petite) for the night…

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