ModelNatalya94 – Yana Eats Our Shit (piss, Fishnets,, Shit On Plate)

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My girlfriends gave me shit , the three of us dressed erotic mesh that we bought in the sex shop , we wear sexy lingerie to make you able to enjoy our bodies , Breasts pussy and ass . My girlfriend Caroline and Alice decided to feed me shit, we went into the room and was holding in his hands a plate . Then my girlfriend put it on the floor and asked me to be the first to shit in a bowl, I walked over sat on his haunches and began to shit and piss in a bowl that was on the floor , after I took a shit in a plate of Alice and followed her into the bowl give a shit Carolina . After that, the girls picked up a plate and a spoon and began to feed me shit turns . Before I eat all the crap off the plates of my friends didn’t let me go , I almost threw up so many shit I felt bad but my friend still continued to feed me shit from the plate.

ModelNatalya94 – Yana eats our shit.mp4 – 116.2 MB