River Fox – ATKGalleria/AmKingdom – 3 Vids+ 9 Photosets (1080p, 2018)

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3 Vids+ 9 Photosets (1080p, 2018) | 2.12 GiB

This pack contains all videos and photosets of super ass wait beauty River Fox! Here she poses in front of you undressing showing you her big Tits and big luxurious ass. First she poses in front of the camera and then rubs her hand with her pussy and then Masturbates her pussy with a blue Dildo vibrator. She moans a lot and seems to be really into the whole thing and so on to full orgasm!

Age :18
Bust :32D
Waist :26″
Hips :41″
Height :5’4″
Weight :125 lbs
Favorite Food :Blueberry, Avocado, Bruno Cheese
Shoe Size :5.5
Favorite Music :Classic Country, Indie, Soft Rock
Occupation :N/A
Turn-Ons :Intelligence, Funny, Wealth, Body, Dark Hair/Skin, Brown Eyes
Hobbies :Drawing, painting, fishing, kayaking, hiking
Hopes And Dreams :Get a PHD
Ideal Man Or Woman :Intelligent, open mind, nurturing, funny, social
Sexual Fantasy :Have a secret affair with wealthy man, Elon Musk
Favorite Sexual Position :Doggy
Place Of Birth :Weston, West Virginia
Favorite Place :Bedroom
Haircolor :blond
Race :White

Scene (Included sex act): Interview, Solo, Posing, softcore, amateur, masturbation, teen, big.ass, shaved, brunette, voluptuous, HD, Orgasms, foot.fetish, long.hair, curvy, couch, Big Natural Tits, pussy.spreading, ass.spreading, booty.shorts, Vibrator, closeup


riv004JSP_359857001_hd.mp4 – 537.2 MB
riv004JSP_359858001_hd.mp4 – 445.8 MB
riv004JSP_359859001_hd.mp4 – 525.6 MB
riv004JSP_359860_3000_all.zip – 99.5 MB
riv004JSP_359861_3000_all.zip – 105.3 MB
riv004JSP_359862_3000_all.zip – 93.3 MB
riv004JSP_359864_3000_all.zip – 71.2 MB
riv004JSP_359865_3000_all.zip – 75.7 MB
riv004JSP_359866_3000_all.zip – 64.6 MB
riv004JSP_359867_3000_all.zip – 43.1 MB
riv004JSP_359868_3000_all.zip – 46.4 MB
riv004JSP_359869_3000_all.zip – 61.0 MB

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