PooAlexa Siterip (1080p, Scatshop, 118.96 GiB, 177 HD Videos, Aka. Jessica Valentino, 2014-2017)

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PooAlexa siterip (1080p, Scatshop, 118.96 GiB, 177 HD videos, aka. Jessica Valentino, 2014-2017)

177 clips | most 1080p, some 480p | 118.96 GiB

I have been making Poop videos for the past 4 years and Love what I do, that’s why I am the Best. You will NEVER be disappointed with my videos . I am very creative and have a passion about what I do which shows. I hope you enjoy my websites which are growing larger every day.

This pack features mostly solo videos with Poo Alexa.

There are a few girl/man scenes, and somehow a few videos with other actors. All in all its 95 % solo scat videos with Alexa.

There are lot’s of interactive POV scat-videos, where Alexa talks directly to the viewer.

Lot’s of videos contains scenes where she tells you to eat her shit.

Many scenes are based on some kind of roleplay (maid, teacher, dominator, step daughter, sister etc.)

The videos are all from ScatShop.


PooAlexa – 0004_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0006_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0014_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0019_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0021_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0022_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0024_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0027_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0028_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0029_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0032_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0039_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0042_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0043_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0048_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0049_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0049_.mp4
PooAlexa – 0057_.mp4
PooAlexa – 03.mp4
PooAlexa – 07.mp4
PooAlexa – 12 Inch Turd Brownie Baking.mp4
PooAlexa – 1815_eat_her_shit.mp4
PooAlexa – 2877_19_69.mp4
PooAlexa – 3 Day Shit (2).mp4
PooAlexa – 3 Day Shit (2).mp4
PooAlexa – 3 Day Shit.mp4
PooAlexa – 530BBF43 – Copy.flv
PooAlexa – A Taste Of Everything.mp4
PooAlexa – Admire My Ass & Eat My Shit.mp4
PooAlexa – alexa says.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_1.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_13.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_21.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_23.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_25.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_27.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_4.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_49.mp4
PooAlexa – AL_9.mp4
PooAlexa – Al_vid_ (10).mp4
PooAlexa – Ass-Cream Full Glass.mp4
PooAlexa – babybottleshit.mp4
PooAlexa – Baking Banana Butt Muffins.mp4
PooAlexa – Baking Poo-licious Brownies.mp4
PooAlexa – bandvshit.mp4
PooAlexa – best_crap_56.mp4
PooAlexa – big poop through my tiny white thong.mp4
PooAlexa – Black Mail PantyHose Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – brentpoopyslave.mp4
PooAlexa – Bringing You Home.mp4
PooAlexa – Chocolate Covered Cherries.mp4
PooAlexa – completely covered.mp4
PooAlexa – Cum Face Farts And Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – Cum On My Shitty ASS.mp4
PooAlexa – daddy doesn’t knock.mp4
PooAlexa – daddy likes it.mp4
PooAlexa – Desperate Potty Training.mp4
PooAlexa – Diarrhea Brownies.mp4
PooAlexa – Dine & Dump.mp4
PooAlexa – Dirty Cowgirl.mp4
PooAlexa – Dirty Lap Dance.mp4
PooAlexa – Dirty Leather For You.mp4
PooAlexa – Dirty Photo Shoot.mp4
PooAlexa – Dirty Slut Smearing.mp4
PooAlexa – Eat Your Own Shit Instructions.mp4
PooAlexa – Emptying Out My Ass, Held 4 Days.mp4
PooAlexa – Exercising & Shitting.mp4
PooAlexa – Explode!.mp4
PooAlexa – Fart Poop Smell.wmv
PooAlexa – filling my gold bikini.mp4
PooAlexa – Foot Worship Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – Forced Into Eating My Shit.mp4
PooAlexa – Fresh Poop Brownies.mp4
PooAlexa – Fucking & Shitting Eat Our Shit Loser.mp4
PooAlexa – fulfilling your fantasy (2).mp4
PooAlexa – Fulfilling Your Fantasy.mp4
PooAlexa – Full Ass Cleanse.mp4
PooAlexa – Full Breakfast Plate.mp4
PooAlexa – Giant Turd Over You.mp4
PooAlexa – Ground Hogging Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – G_PopAleSA1512.mp4
PooAlexa – Hard Poop & Tons Of Farts.mp4
PooAlexa – Holy Shit MASSIVE Accident.mp4
PooAlexa – Homemade pastries Poo Licious.avi
PooAlexa – Homemade pastries Poo Licious.avi
PooAlexa – Hots For Teacher Panty Pooping.mp4
PooAlexa – Huge Breakfast Disaster.mp4
PooAlexa – Huge Dump.mp4
PooAlexa – Huge Mess In My New Panties.mp4
PooAlexa – Huge Shit _ Squirting.mp4
PooAlexa – i am your weakness.mp4
PooAlexa – Into Your Mouth.mp4
PooAlexa – jeans explosion.mp4
PooAlexa – Jerk Off To My Farts And Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – Lick My Lollipop.mp4
PooAlexa – Locked Up.mp4
PooAlexa – Maid Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – mall disaster poop in my pants.mp4
PooAlexa – Messy Enema Bath.mp4
PooAlexa – messy leotard poop.mp4
PooAlexa – milkshaketurddrinkslave-2k.mp4
PooAlexa – Mirror Mesmerizing Smear.mp4
PooAlexa – Mommy knows best.mp4
PooAlexa – never good enough.mp4
PooAlexa – no escape toilet slavery.mp4
PooAlexa – Oops I Didn’t Wipe.mp4
PooAlexa – pa21.mp4
PooAlexa – paid to be my toilet slave.mp4
PooAlexa – Pantyhose Explosion.mp4
PooAlexa – Pantyhose Pooping Over Top You.mp4
PooAlexa – Pervert Brother Toilet Slave.mp4
PooAlexa – plastic diaper filling.mp4
PooAlexa – Poo Alexa – Intense Toilet Domination – Copy.mp4
PooAlexa – Poo-Casso.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa – All Your Good.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa – Baking Banana Muffin’s.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa – Huge Poop For You.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa – Huge Poop In My Banana Loaf Mix.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa -Massive poop.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa -Massive poop.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa -Pantyhose Explosion.mp4
PooAlexa – Pooalexa- Couldn’t Hold It.mp4
PooAlexa – Pooalexa- Wonder Woman Huge Swim Suit Explosion.mp4
PooAlexa – PooAlexa.com.Good hot dog from Alexa.mp4
PooAlexa – poodare.mp4
PooAlexa – Pooping At The Table.mp4
PooAlexa – Pooping In Your Lap.mp4
PooAlexa – public diaper desperation.mp4
PooAlexa – Red Becomes Her.mp4
PooAlexa – sandypoopwichhy-1080.mp4
PooAlexa – served hot & fresh.mp4
PooAlexa – Shitting Makes Me Horny.mp4
PooAlexa – slaveview.mp4
PooAlexa – smearing it on thick.mp4
PooAlexa – Smelling My Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – smorezass.mp4
PooAlexa – Smore’s & Chocolate.mp4
PooAlexa – special-29_10 (10).mp4
PooAlexa – special-29_10 (12).mp4
PooAlexa – special-29_10 (3).mp4
PooAlexa – squirt & poop.mp4
PooAlexa – stripekitchenslavefoodblue-1080.mp4
PooAlexa – Studying My Ass.mp4
PooAlexa – Taste Me.mp4
PooAlexa – Thanksgiving Aftermath.mp4
PooAlexa – The Best View.mp4
PooAlexa – The Right Medicine.mp4
PooAlexa – Tight Panty Filling.mp4
PooAlexa – Time To Feed The Piggy.mp4
PooAlexa – toilet slave for your teacher.mp4
PooAlexa – Toilet Slave Training.mp4
PooAlexa – Toilet View.mp4
PooAlexa – training to become my personal toilet.mp4
PooAlexa – Treating My Husband To My Shit Brownies.mp4
PooAlexa – Trick Or Treat Panty Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – Turn My Panties BROWN.mp4
PooAlexa – Turning Into A Baby.mp4
PooAlexa – Under My Toilet.mp4
PooAlexa – Upside Down Farts & Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – Walking In On You.mp4
PooAlexa – Watch Me Seduce Poo.mp4
PooAlexa – watching porn shitting on the couch (2).mp4
PooAlexa – Watching Porn Shitting On The Couch.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_0227.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_0236.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_0247.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_0857.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1272.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1276.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1283.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1326.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1425.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1455.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1458.mp4
PooAlexa – webcam_solo_scat_1486.mp4
PooAlexa – What Goes In Must Come Out.mp4
PooAlexa – White Cotton Panty Filling.mp4
PooAlexa – With Icing On Top.mp4
PooAlexa – Wonder Women Messy Panty Poop.mp4
PooAlexa – You Are Addicted To My Ass.mp4
PooAlexa – You Are My Toilet Paper.mp4

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