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Zim Hunter

The man with different sexual fantasies

I am 33 years young, and since an early age I have known that I was different and had weird sexual fantasies. I always imagined capturing young girls my age, and adult women alike. Placing them in caskets that had a glass window in the middle where the belly of the women were. I could open this glass window and touch them when I wanted to. The rest of the female was concealed by the wooden part of the lid. They couldn’t look out, they couldn’t move and they were reduced to an object whose sole purpose was to be a belly that I could grope.
After I got bored with touching them I could slide them into a rack like system (think of a morgue) and take out the next coffin with another of my prisoners incased. Yeah, I think I was six years old or so.
I don’t know why I was like that. I didn’t get abused as a child. I actually had a quite safe and loving upbringing. Not that my childhood was problem free and I did get the occational slap… but I probably deserved it!
Two of the fetishes I have (Cannibalism and Vore), that I know where I got from, actually stems from a very positive memory.
As a child (maybe eight years old) I had a female friend I used to play with. I was very much in love with her. She was not and she didn’t know about my feelings towards her. We always played a game where I was a Lion and she was a Princess.
No matter what happened during the game it always ended with the Lion eating the Princess!
I loved this part. ‘Cause this was the time when I could get close to her and touch her without her knowing how much I enjoyed and wanted it.
Oh my god.. that was my childhood. Now on to who I am today… I’ll try to make it shorter.
Even though I have my dark sides I do consider myself a good person. I love nature and (most) people‚ I’m not judgemental and I tend to see the good in people rather than the bad.
Also, I’m an emotional guy. I do not hide my feelings and yes.. I do cry when I watch a moving or sad movie.
I guess that’s why I have these extreme fantasies. I’m brutal and evil when I close my eyes.. but in real life I couldn’t harm a Fly.
The only reason I can be as brutal as I am when I’m having sex with Pixie, is because she loves it! If I sensed just an ounce of uncertainty in her it would be an immediate turn-off and I would stop instantly! I LOVE and RESPECT her a lot!

Over and out!


The young and sex-crazy girl

I’m a nymphomaniac and I’m constantly horny. It’s not easy for me to write about myself. Not because I’m ashamed or anything like that but I just don’t know what to write. But here I go:
I’ve led a very sexually active life from an early age. Starting out (innocently) when I was approximately eight years old with a classmate. Don’t worry.. no abuse.

When I was even younger.. very young.. I had fantasies envolving being captured by someone of high standing. Like a prince or a nobelman who would then own me and do stuff to me, sexually. I also imagined being watched through the mirror when I was in the shower. It started out like that, in the shower, naked and vulnerable. Later it evolved. I would be held captured and had to touch myself and do stuff to myself, while, the imaginary people, watched me through the mirror.

Also, I quickly found out how to use the massage function on the shower head.
When I played, it would always be about me getting captured and taken to a foreign place where I had to work and be someone elses property.
During maturbation I used to strap belts around myself.. often so hard that I couldn’t breathe!
I was very much aware that I was masturbating. It was not something I didn’t understand.

I have had a very safe and pleasant upbringing. I am the youngest of four, and I have always been loved and never in need of anything.
If you’ve read so far it’s not hard to imagine that I’ve known about my masochistic and submissive tendencies
all my life. Even though I had full intercourse when I had just turned 14 I have never, until I met Zim, had the opportunity to live out my sexual fantasies. My former partners were not into the things I was and so I put away that side of myself.

Even though I’ve always known about these sides I have discovered a lot of new stuff, that I didn’t know I was into. Zim introduced me to Piss and Cannibalism. None of which I would have ever imagined would be a turn-on for me. But I LOVE it!

I have always been open to try new things. It’s important for me to explore different sides of myself. My submissive side is only a sexual thing for me. I am a pretty indepentent girl and, especially sexually, no one can pressure me into doing stuff I don’t want to.
It’s important to state that he has never pressured me into “liking” these things. I’m always open to try things I’ve never done before and even though I might have thought it wasn’t for me, so far it has been exactly for me!

I am super masochistic, and all the brutal stuff Zim does to me is a major turn on.
There are a lot of different sides to me. I am a girly girl who loves cute stuff, pink, shoes and dressing up and looking pretty, but I’m also in love with nature and the outdoors, and love going out there and get down and dirty.
That was a bit about me. Have fun and stay u


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